Watch UFC 247 on Kodi for Free: Best Kodi Addons (Updated)

If you simply can’t wait to watch UFC 247 on Kodi and are not sure how to make this possible, you need not worry. It is worth noting if you own a Kodi device, you will have all the entertainment you could possibly need to pass time and/or binge watch your favorite TV shows or movies.

On September 7, 2019, witness the nail-biting UFC Lightweight Championship Fight between Dominick Reyes and Jon Jones. The fight will take place at the The Arena, Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Fortunately, you can enjoy UFC 247 on your Kodi device along with this exhilarating match.

Here is how to watch Reyes vs Jones Live stream online free.

Watch UFC 247 on Kodi Online Anywhere

UFC is the most popular MMA tournament, with a massive fan following around the globe. Despite it being so popular, UFC is only aired in a few selected countries via specific channels. If you are unfortunate enough to not be residing in said countries, you may end up missing out on watching the action live.

Even though it may seem as though there is no way out, you can easily overcome this problem for good by using a VPN.

Do not forget to protect your privacy

It is imperative that in the process of trying to watch UFC on Kodi, you take special care of your privacy.

By using a VPN you can connect to servers from different countries, thus granting you access to the localized content of that region in particular. Additionally, since your IP address is replaced with a new one, you will remain safe and secure at the same time.

Watch UFC 247 on Kodi for Free

Once you have got yourself a VPN, you still need to find out where you can watch the event live via Kodi. Since Kodi is supported across a myriad of different devices, the process is not all that different. The process involves installing an addon for you to be able to watch UFC live. Apart from streaming, you can watch UFC documentaries, replays and movies as well.

  1. Sign up for this VPN (recommended)
  2. Set it up on Kodi
  3. Change IP location to either UK or US from the list of servers available through the VPN
  4. Install Planet MMA Addon from Supremacy Repository (See below)
  5. Enjoy UFC streaming on Kodi without any lags

To watch UFC online free, you will need to install the Planet MMA addon. This is accomplished by adding the Supremacy repository. To do so, follow these steps:

  • After launching, go to System.
  • Access File Manager.
  • Select Source.
  • Select None.
  • Enter the following link:
  • Name it as Supremacy.
  • Click OK.
  • Go to Addons from the Homescreen.
  • Click the box icon.
  • Select Install from zip file.
  • Select Supremacy.
  • Select the Zip file that pops up.
  • Wait for the addon to install.
  • After getting a notification regarding the addon being installed, go one step back to select Install from repository.
  • Select Supremacy.
  • Access Video Addons.
  • Select Planet MMA.
  • Click Install.
  • Wait for Planet MMA to install.
  • Once installed, launch Addons.
  • Select Planet MMA from the available options to stream UFC 234 for free when it is aired.

Other recommended addons or alternatives to Planet MMA are:

  1. SportsDevil
  2. Made in Canada IPTV

You can also use them to watch UFC on Kodi. In addition, if you want to give these bonus addons a go, be our guest!

  1. Sports World
  2. The Pyramid

Get UFC 247 on Kodi PPV Real Cheap

If you are one of those people that prefer paying to watch UFC on Kodi, there is nothing holding you back. However, you will be pleased to know you can get it for cheaper.

To get the UFC PPV and UFC PPV + 6 Month Fight Pass Subscription for cheaper, you will need a VPN. Once you have subscribed to a reliable VPN service, you need to connect to a server in the Philippines. Once you have successfully connected, you will come to realize the UFC PPV will cost you $18.25 instead of $29.00, and $42.89 instead of $56.96 for the UFC PPV + 6 Month Fight Pass Subscription.

To stream UFC 247 on Kodi is fairly simple

To be able to stream via P2P  sharing, employ a decent VPN which tends to hide your IP and subsequently lets you access the MMA live stream securely (as previously stated). There are two ways on how you can achieve to watch UFC on Kodi; UFC Fight Pass and through Sling TV.

Fight Pass, again is a subscription which we have already the mention of, above. It is the Sling TV that we will further talk about. Sling TV is an official Kodi UFC addon and with it enabled you can watch all its PPV events out there! There are also unofficial addons. But we don’t condone their use. However, you can avail them and do so at your own risk.

We cannot emphasize the need for VPN here. By masking your IP you can access and watch UFC on Kodi without your ISP taking note of your online activities. Usually, people get into trouble with the authorities (depending on your location) due to your internet providers alerting them. Following is a list of third-party addons:

  1. PureSports
  2. UK Turk
  3. Sports World
  4. Quantum
  5. Nemesis
  6. Halow TV – Android APK App
  7. Freeflix HQ
  8. The Loop
  9. Project Mayhem
  10. Maverick TV
  11. Matrix
  12. SkyNet

UFC on Multiple Devices:

  1. Watch UFC on Xbox One
  2. Watch UFC on Apple TV
  3. Watch UFC on PS4
  4. Watch UFC on Roku
  5. Watch UFC on Android

UFC 247 on Kodi Main Fight and Title Card

Even though the highly anticipated match between Jones and Reyes has got everyone on the edge of their seats, UFC 247 has a lot more to it than meets the eye.

There are a number of competitive matches apart from the main fight, which will be equally entertaining, to say the least. Keeping this in mind, here are in-depth details about the main event fighters and details regarding the fights that will follow.

With all said and done, you should not waste the opportunity to watch the fight of a lifetime when it is aired. Whether you want to watch UFC on Kodi for free or at a cheaper price, that is for you to decide; but one thing’s for certain you will not regret it.


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