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It has worked before. There is a strong crossover appeal between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Both involve the in-ring competition, but they also involve a lot of showmanship. That would be more in the case of professional wrestling, but the skills are certainly similar. It turns out that a lot mixed martial artists make for good wrestlers, and that might be the case again now.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez made his professional wrestling debut at TripleMania 27 on Saturday night. Velasquez, wearing a luchador mask, competed in a trios match, teaming with Psycho Clown and Cody to defeat Texano Jr., Taurus and Killer Kross. Velasquez has suggested that he is willing to wrestle more. He last fought in the UFC on February 17, 2019 in a loss to Frances Ngannou and is still under contract to the promotion.

Velasquez looked like a natural out there. Check out some of his highlights:

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Opinion: I don’t know how long of a future Velasquez will have in the sport as he is 37 years old and has a history of injury issues, but he looked rather good in a match like this. He has star power outside of the ring so he comes in at a bit of an advantage, which is something that companies will always like. Maybe he doesn’t go very far, but he had one good performance and that’s more than some people can say.

Will Velasquez keep going as a wrestler? Who is the best mainstream athlete turned wrestler? Let us know in the comments below.

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