How to Watch UFC 247 on Roku for Free

UFC 247 on Roku will feature Reyes going head-to-head against Jones. The fight will take on February 8, 2020 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

The fight has left fans wondering who will come out on top with the Lightweight Title Fight as the victor. Seeing how the hype is real, it should not come as a surprise as to why people are scrambling left, right and center for a reliable way to stream the event live.

UFC fans will be delighted to know their Roku device will come in handy for UFC 247 and similar events to take place in the future. If you own a Roku device, you can actually watch the event for free. If that does not cut it, you can always get a UFC PPV, but this time for cheaper.

Here is how to watch Jones vs. Reyes Live stream online free.

Do note though, the solutions that follow will only work if you have a reliable VPN subscription. To enjoy UFC 247 on Roku, here is what you need to do:

Stream UFC 247 on Roku via Kodi

Whether you own a Roku streaming stick, Ultra, Express or Premiere; you can get access to UFC 247 via Kodi. Despite the fact Kodi is not officially supported by Roku, there is a workaround to make this possible.

To get Kodi on Roku, you will need to CAST it. For this to work, you need to make sure your Android and Roku device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Without further ado, let’s get this party started:

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home
  2. Select System Update under Settings. Ensure your Roku device is running the latest software version.
  3. Access Screen Mirroring under Settings.
  4. Enable Screen Mirroring and press OK.

Using an Android device is the fastest way for you to get Kodi on your Roku device. Even though a majority of Android devices do come equipped with screen mirroring, the name of technology is referred to differently by manufacturers. For this reason, it is a good idea to know what the feature is called for you to be able to enable it. Keeping this in mind, some common terms used are as follows:

  • Cast
  • Wireless Display
  • All Share Cast
  • Smart View
  • HTC Connect
  • Display Mirroring
  • Screen Casting

Now that you know what the required technology is referred to, you can enable it instantaneously. The feature can usually be located in the Settings menu, under any of the following sub-menus:

  • Cast
  • Connection
  • Network
  • Display

Stream UFC 247 on Roku via Kodi using a Windows PC

It is not necessary that everyone owns an Android device. In this case, you can use your Windows PC to get Kodi on Roku. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Swipe on the right edge side of your Windows device’s screen.
  2. Under Devices select Project.
  3. Select Add a Wireless Display.
  4. Choose the display that is connected to your Roku device.
  5. Complete display connection with the on-screen instructions provided.
  6. Again, swipe on the right edge side of your Windows device’s screen. Under Devices select Project. Simply select the Roku display that has already been connected beforehand.

Get a UFC 247 on Roku PPV for Dirt Cheap

If you want to get your very own UFC PPV, you can get it for dirt cheap. To get a UFC PPV this cheap, you will need to use a VPN to connect to a server in the Philippines.

Once the connection has been established, access You will notice that a UFC PPV subscription will cost $18.25 instead of $29.00, while a UFC PPV + 6 Months Fight Pass subscription will cost $42.89 instead of $56.96.

UFC 247 on Roku Fight Schedule Details

No matter who wins the Middleweight Title Fight between Whittaker and Gastelum, the fight will definitely leave an impact on future UFC events.

The main fight between the aforementioned fighters is not the only thing to look forward to. Watch UFC 247 on Roku for the following other fights.



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