UFC 221 – Romero VS Rockhold

10-2-2018 02:00
Perth, Australia

UFC 221: Main event – Result

Romero knocked out rockhold in the third round, It was the sixth time in UFC history that a fight is ended by knockout in the sixth round.

Yoel Romero is all set to take on Luke Rockhold for the first time that UFC is headed to Western Australia. It is definitely going to be a history in the making as Perth Arena in Perth, Australia is going to be rocked when the Interim Middleweight Title Fight will be put on the line. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 10th February 2018.


UFC 221: Earlier in the evening

Before you feast your eyes on the main event above, you have more to witness along the way. Oceanic knockout pro, Mark Hunt has his sights on Curtis Blaydes. Whereas knockout artist Tai Tuivasa will battle Cyril Asker in another bout.

Oh wait, there’s more! Jake Matthews here will seek to brand himself as one of the toughest lead fighters in the business against his Chinese opponent Li Jingliang. Plus, Tyson Pedro vs. Saparbek Safarov is going to be yet another highlight.

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An insight into the main match

You’d be surprised to learn that it was Robert Whittaker who was initially supposed to fight the champion, Luke Rockhold. Unfortunately, a series of myriad injuries put him on the sidelines. That vacant spot was then filled by Yoel Romero and is all set to face the champion for the Interim Middleweight Title Fight.

The best thing about this fight or its USP  is that both fighters are southpaw strikers. For those of you who are newbies, southpaw means those who punch with their left hand. The ideal opponent for any southpaw fighter is one with an inverse stance.

In the case, where both the fighters are southpaw – it largely comes down to who is the most fierce striker of the two. As for who’s defenses are the strongest, only the actual bout will tell. From a distance, Rockhold will have the upper hand due to his long-range striking ability; be it his high kick, liver kick or question-mark kick.

He can also couple those kicks with his counter crosses and check hooks to bring his opponent down. Rockhold has spent time in training camps in South Florida and was trained by none other than Henri Hooft, himself.  As for Romero, he is one of the most intimidating fighters out there. Boasting a build that of a superhero, he is agile too.

Springboard type aerial attacks are his forte and can lure his opponents into a trap by giving them a false sense of closure. Point being, his fighting rhythm changes with a drop of a hat. So usually, fighters do not want to face Romero because of the amount of unpredictability he packs.

Moreover, Romero tends to get crafty with his takedowns. He executes a takedown but only to lose the grip leaving the opponent with an element of surprise as to what just happened. But that’s not taking away anything from Romero’s southpaw-ic left cross and right hook pummeling, coupled with flying knees.

We are all excited to find out how things will pan out when both these martial artists lock horns!

Co-main event fight

UFC 221’s co-main event fight is between Hunt and Blaydes this time around. Hunt is known to be dropping hard-hitting bombs and can absorb them as well when he’s on the receiving end. He is a genuine kickboxer. If we talk about Blaydes he has a strong wrestling background and is a classic example of the successful transition to MMA.

Although, Blaydes striking has improved over the years but to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Mark Hunt will be no cakewalk for the former. The latter is known as ‘Super Samoan’ for no reason. The match will be in favor of the fighter who’s able to counter each other’s strengths. Period.

Other main card fights

In night’s other attractions, we have Tuivasa taking on Asker. Tuisava chose MMA over professional Rugby League. Since then, he has been knocking down opponents left, right and center. Especially when he’s made that come back from a slow start due to injuries early on in his career. Asker is known for close quarter combat relying mainly on takedowns.

Next in line are welterweights and their bout i.e. Matthews vs. Jingliang. Matthews has met a couple of losses as of late and has hardly done anything to impress. Jingliang hailing from China has proven to be an impressive fighter and is on a winning spree. His last three wins were a result of knockouts.

Between Pedro and Safarov, it is a contest of who will reign supreme in the light heavyweight division. Pedro took a backseat as he didn’t look in form and his progress was impeded due to the rise of Ilir Latifi. Nevertheless, now he’s back in the main card. Safarov has only had one UFC fight in his career as he is a newcomer in the Octagon.

UFC 221 Fight Schedule Details:

UFC 221

UFC 221



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