Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Latest! “My game is unforgiving” McGregor to Mayweather

If sources are to be believed the most anticipated match in the history of UFC may not be in talks anymore. Disappointing right? For many, it is! It was Conor McGregor himself who took it to his Instagram `Sunday stating that Floyd Mayweather might be out of the fighting negotiations with him.


Of course, Conor was hinting that Mayweather is too scared to face him in an MMA fight. He exclaimed that he is happy now that Mayweather is retired for good! Although, only a while back he was of the opinion that Mayweather would regret his decision for not facing him in an Octagon.

We are all aware how much money was made in their most anticipated match last August. At the end of the night, people realized the hype wasn’t real as not only it didn’t live up to fans expectations but also the, now vocal, McGregor couldn’t put up a fight. He could barely stand and lost via a TKO.

He ran out of stamina and thus became exhausted having laid out a fury of punches on Mayweather in the early couple of rounds.

Why is this news even making rounds, you wonder? It is because Mayweather was seen in a video earlier this month stepping into an MMA ring teasing a possible rematch.

Much to McGregor’s shame, it was his second bout after defeating Eddie Alvarez for UFC light heavyweight championship match in December the previous year.


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