Who will face McGregor after Khabib vs Tony? – Analysis & Predictions

Predictions for the history’s most fierce bout|UFC 223 :

It was in the October of last year that Tony Ferguson made Kevin Lee tap out in the third round. This match put Kevin Lee into hibernation from the Octagon.

Despite his loss, he’s rooting for Ferguson in the fight against Khabib Nurmagomedoy on April 7th, 2018 because Tony is just that good and even goes on to state that he sure is going to kick Connor’s arse. But his reasons are personal. He wants to see Tony climb the ladder and bring him down himself (and we don’t blame him).


On the other hand, Khabib ranks second in the lightweight division and is an equally worthy contender to McGregor’s lightweight title. Psychologically, a champion has a lot to lose than the opponent. The contender can in the end still be a hero for putting up a great fight but the champion has his title and status to lose. But here, McGregor is may be too scared to defend his title.


What’s the popular verdict among fans?

Inadvertently people are aware that this is perhaps going to be the best bout in like 3 years of UFC (according to experts) but people are reluctant to give the match its due credit. Maybe because there is no real title on the line and that too much drama surrounds the match.

Khabib is Russian and undefeated in the UFC but if he were to topple the champion’s replacement, he can face Conor McGregor which will be a comeback for Irishman (should he chooses).

According to sources close to Dana White and if fan theories are to be believed, Conor McGregor is likely getting stripped off of his title due to his in-ring inactivity. For, Ferguson it can be a glorious opportunity to carry forward his winning streak.


The turn of events:

The turn of events for the night can be drastic if McGregor shows up in the same building. The attention will likely to shift from who’s going to win if McGregor will interfere in the match somehow. After all, he’s known to trash talk from the sidelines, stare or jump over the cage when the match has concluded to wreak havoc!

However, we know both the fighters will be bringing in their A-game such as Ferguson his famous “Ankle pick” coupled with left hooks and right crosses. Meanwhile, expect Khabib to pack free-style wrestling moves along with single leg takedowns. Oh and he fancy Thai Clinch, knees as well as elbows.

Get ready folks, Barclay Center is never going to be the same after everything’s said and done!


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