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So, the event of the year is just around the corner. Nurmagomedov vs Poirier will go down on 7th September 2019 in Abu Dhabi. The fight slated to take place in Dubai is Khabib’s 28th one, and comes a year after the epic beating of the Irishman by the Dagestani.

The fight presents a significant challenge to Poirier since Khabib hasn’t lost a single fight in his entire career, and there’s a small chance he will lose this one. Fans can’t wait for the fight since it has all the potential of being the greatest of all time. Before we talk about it, let’s answer an important question first i.e. where you can watch the fight online for free – First things first.

How to Watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE

You sure wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to watch one of the most exciting UFC bouts of the year 2019 for free. Here is how you can do that:

  • Register for Ivacy
  • Download Ivacy VPN for your devices
  • Connect to a Russian server
  • Go to
  • Begin enjoying the Khabib vs Poirier live stream absolutely free

Official Channels to Live stream Khabib vs Poirier Online

UFC’s official live streaming is available on these following sources:

Apart from ESPN, Khabib vs Poirier PPV will also be available on the following:

Fibe TV by BellMTS:

UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier will be available for pay-per-view on Fibe TV for $64.99.

BT Sport Box Office

UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier will be available for pay-per-view on BT TV, BT Sport Box Office App, Sky and Virgin TV for £19.95.

All these channels require a paid subscription but with the method explained above, all you need is a reliable UFC VPN and the Poirier vs Khabib livestream comes within your reach.

Devices that let you watch Khabib vs Poirier live online

You can easily watch the most awaited bout between Khabib and Poirier on a wide range of devices. Read on to find out which ones.

How to watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE with a Kodi add-on

Kodi is one of the most popular free streaming platforms available out there. If you are into Kodi, you can watch the fight with the Planet MMA add-on previously known as UFC Finest). Find out here, how to do that.

However, do note that accessing content via the unofficial Kodi add-ons can get you in trouble – which is why using a Kodi VPN might be a good idea since it not only hides your online identity but ensures that your ISP is unable to track you down.

For a complete guide to watch Khabib vs Poirier on Kodi here is a complete guide.

How to watch Khabib vs Poirier on Firestick TV

You will need to install Ivacy on your Firestick and you can learn how to do that by following this guide.

Once that is done, you can start watching by connecting to a Russian server and visiting Match TV for the free live stream.

How to watch Khabib vs Poirier on Chromecast

If you have a Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TV, count your blessings because you can easily watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE via Chromecast. The only two things you will need are an operational Wi-Fi connection and a VPN.

How to watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE with an ESPN+ free trial

ESPN offers a free trial making it possible for you to stream UFC for free, even if it is for just one event. The trial will last for a week, but since you only need it for the night, getting it by the 1st September will work for you, since the fight is on the 7th.

Keep in mind though, you will need to enter your billing information upon signing up. Therefore, you will need to cancel while the trial period lasts, to avoid being charged.

Online Streaming Services that include Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE:

If you don’t have a television subscription and believe in a cord-cutting experience, you can watch UFC events on ESPN through a cable replacement streaming service, while also enjoying local and cable channels.

Here are some of the best ones to watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE

All of these channels offer some a free trial that will help you watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE.

Here is why the Khabib vs Poirier fight is so important for all the UFC fans worldwide:


We get to see how good Tony Ferguson really is:

Making the fight most exciting is the fact that Khabib has declared Tony Ferguson – former lightweight champion as his next opponent already, in the event of a win. If all goes well, which we think it will since its Khabib Nourmagomedov we are talking about, Khabib will have to go for a title defense soon.

Both men are extremely determined to fight the same guy after winning – Tony Ferguson.


Khabib vs Mcgregor Rematch:

Although the beef between Khabib and Connor is alive and well outside the ring, with Khabib willing to confront Connor the next time he sees him, he is least bothered about a fight in the ring despite how badly the fans may want that to happen.

The Dagestani has renounced Connor Mcgregor and seems to have moved past his rivalry with Connor. However, Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE could prove to be a Khabib vs Mcgregor rematch in the making. There is a slight possibility that Connor Mcgregor will be strategically unleashed in the arena, post-fight or mid-fight during the Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE event, leading to much speculated unrest.


As per Dana White, “Conor wants that fight. Conor wants the rematch with Khabib.”


After all, Connor can’t back down from what could be another insanely lucrative PPV event, despite his retirement announcement – an obvious ploy meant to serve as a publicity stunt. Dana’s comments confirm that it is indeed the case.

Also, consider Khabib’s determination of sending Connor to the hospital and you can connect the dots as the UFC could be setting them up for a sequel to the brawl they had last year.

Let’s also not forget that Connor has been planning to make a comeback in the early 2020 but it could very well be in late 2019, why not?


Unification of the Lightweight Championship:

What makes the upcoming bout even more interesting is the fact that it unifies the Lightweight Championship for which Dustin Poirier has come a long way, having defeated Max Holloway – an unsurmountable feat considering his entrance into that fight as an underdog.

The real question is, who will dominate the Lightweight division in the future and, come 7th September, that question will be answered.


Match Predictions:

The match being touted as the competition between an elite striker and an elite wrestler, has odds heavily in the favor of Khabib Nourmagomedov. Khabib’s superior wrestling skills are no match for Poirier’s; having an average of 5 takedowns per fight, whereby he continuously keeps switching his style to try different sweeps until he succeeds, instead of sticking to a single technique.

Therefore, just one takedown success on Khabib’s part and from that point on, it’s game over for Poirier – the best overall striker in the division on a long running winning streak.

Final Thoughts

Now, that you have all the information you need including dates, charges, background info and everything you need to know about the fighters, don’t waste time to ensure the protection of the ‘Fastest VPN’ that will make it possible for you to watch Khabib vs Poirier Live stream FREE, without buffering

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