If there is one sport which is loved by every furious fan, the UFC has to be the lone one. Yes, people from all over the world love to watch the UFC championship either by staying home or visiting the stadium. This time, it’s Whittaker vs. Gastelum which is held on the 10th of February 2019. Keeping aside every cable fan, they have got a cable connection through which they can watch the complete event. For fans who like to watch UFC 234 Online, we have got some pretty good options for you.

At present, there are some broadcasters that are all set to broadcast the UFC 234 match online. Though, you will get to see a mix and match of paid and free streaming options.

Talking a bit about Whittaker, he is looking in sublime form. He is Australia’s very first UFC Champ while Gastelum will be competing for the belt, very first time.

Coming down to people of the world, it really doesn’t matter wherever you stay in the world. If you are having an Internet connection and a compatible device, you are good to go.

Quick Details about the UFC 234-Whittaker vs. Gastelum Match

  • The match is Between Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum
  • Match Schedule Date: 10th of February 2019
  • Venue: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Australia
  • Broadcasters: UFC Pay-Per-View, Fox Sports, Match TV

Discover Different Ways to watch UFC 234 live streaming free Online

Well, if you are a fan of the cord cutter guide, this article will be the most terrific one for you. It is 2019, and the world is slowly moving towards Internet-based viewing. Day by day, newer streaming options are opening so that you don’t fall short of any online entertainment.

For you, we have done all the research and hard work. We have grabbed some really good options that can enable you to watch UFC 234 Online.

1. Fox Sports

Especially for the people of the United States of America. Fox sport is a brilliant option to watch UFC 234 Online. It serves a complete internet based viewing experience without the need for a cable connection.

Also, it’s free where you just need to log in to the Fox Sports website, sign up and start viewing your favorite sports channels.

Even for mobile users, Fox Sports app is available on different online platforms. You can download the app, tune in to your sports game and stream it without an issue.

2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is yet another good option for people who like to watch UFC 234 Online. Especially, if you live in the regions of the United Kingdom, Sky Sports can be a good option.

It delivers quality streaming where it can charge you for a monthly based subscription. Again, it delivers streaming of almost every single sports whereas UFC is the most prominent one.

In regions where Sky sports website is not available, you can use a VPN to access the site and watch sports events, anytime and anywhere.

3. UFC Pay-Per-View

A program entirely made for UFC watchers, you can choose the UFC Pay Per View service. They deliver different package plans where you will have to pay to watch any UFC match.

Though, the company even delivers pay per match option where you need to pay just a fraction to watch a single match. Or else, you can purchase the entire package option based on your choice and preferences.

4. Sling TV

If you are thinking about the first ever streaming service, Sling TV has to be the one good name. They are known to offer some of the best lucrative plans.

Their Orange plan starts from $25 per month where you get access to 35+ Channels. Each channel delivers streaming in high quality which you can use to watch UFC 234 Online.

Also, if you don’t want to spend upfront, you can opt for the Sling TV’s 7-days trial period. Test their service, video quality and if everything seems fine to you, go ahead and purchase the subscription-based plan.

5. FuboTV

Starting off their journey as a sports streaming service, FuboTV has grown at a rapid pace. In today’s date, they have got big whereas they deliver entertainment and even lifestyle channels.
Their starter plan begins at the pricing of $45 per month that delivers a humongous list of 75+ Channels.

Also, you can run two devices with the same FuboTV plan which is an amazing thing. It even provides support for Fire TV and Roku Devices.

Lastly, Fubo TV gives a 7-Days Trial period for the users to test their services and then go ahead to buy premium plans.

6. Hulu with Live TV

Starting at the same time as YouTube, Hulu delivers some good list of sports and entertainment channels. You can use Hulu to effortlessly watch UFC 234 Online anytime and anywhere.

At pricing of $40 per month, Hulu delivers 50 to 70 channels out of which 14 of them are sports ones.
Also, Hulu has it tie-up with some significant networks namely Big Four Networks, Cable Networks, College Networks, and Sports Networks.

All you need is a high-speed internet connection, portable device, and Hulu Subscription to watch UFC 234 Online.

7. PlayStation Vue

Keeping aside the actual branding of PlayStation Vue, the company has gone far ahead to deliver streaming services.

At a costing of $45 per month, PlayStation Vue offers 45 lists of channels. Out of which 13 channels are pure sports ones.

If you want to watch UFC 234 Online in high quality, PlayStation Vue is a must to go choice. What’s more? It delivers a 5-days trial period with which you can test PlayStation Vue’s service and then choose a subscription plan.

8. YouTube TV

Partnering with almost every cable network, YouTube TV delivers quality streaming services. Their package price starts from $40 per month where you get access to 70 channels.

Out of those 70 channels, you get 15 of them as sports channels. Also, if you ever will watch UFC 234 Online without any interruption, YouTube TV is a must to go option.

Though it doesn’t give any trial period and you will have to research well before you choose any YouTube TV’s subscription plan.

9. Xumo

Among the free services to watch UFC 234 Online, Xumo is the most prominent name. If you don’t want to spend any money on buying premium plans, you can have Xumo at your rescue.

The company delivers some good list of channels whereas you just need to sign up and watch the entire YFC 234 online.

Also, you even get a special video-on-demand option with Xumo. Using such a good option, you can stream videos based on your likings and demands.

Best Social Media Platforms to watch UFC 234 Online

Other than official channels and online streaming platforms, you can even make use of social media to watch UFC 234 Online. Yes, the world of social media is growing where people have started to share live streaming of almost everything.

Therefore, let’s come along and uncover some of the best social media platforms to stream the entire UFC 234 online.

1. Facebook

Topping up the list of platforms, Facebook is inevitably the biggest social media community in 2019. On Facebook, you will find tons of groups and pages which will stream the UFC 234 online.

All you need is to do a little amount of research and find the official channel of UFC. Or else, you can even ask your friends and get to know pages which will stream the UFC matches.
Using Facebook, you don’t need to spend even a penny, and all you require is a Facebook account and some efforts.

2. Twitter

Asides Tweeting on the walls of your favorite celebrities, Twitter is one of the best platforms to watch UFC 234 Online. All you need is to find such groups where people share the latest updates regarding UFC matches.

Also, you can even make a network, ask in the community and after consistent efforts, you will end up with a suitable UFC page, for sure.

3. YouTube

Aside from delivering videos for over a decade now, YouTube is becoming immensely popular in offering streaming videos.

With YouTube, you can just head towards the search bar, Type UFC 234 and you will start getting results. Select the most appropriate one and start watching UFC 234 match online, anytime and anywhere.

UFC 234 live Stream Reddit

In Reddit, you will find different Subreddits in which you can start watching UFC 234 online. You just need a Reddit account, and you are good to go for getting the latest updates about the UFC match.

Also, if you will dig a little deeper, you will get to see subreddits that are actually streaming the entire UFC match.

Best VPN Services to watch UFC 234 Live Online

Living in a geo-restricted area can be one of the cruelest things. You can’t have access to most Internet services and TV shows.

Therefore, to bypass even the stringent Internet Censorship issues, VPN can help you in this case. After a series of research, we have jotted down the best possible VPN Services to watch UFC 234 Online.
So, without wasting even a single second, let’s move ahead and discover each VPN Service one by one

1. NordVPN

One of the most famous VPN services, NordVPN has to be the number one name to help you watch UFC 234 Online. Since years, the company is delivering some outstanding VPN security, and till now, it’s continuing to do so.

The plan pricing starts from $11.95 per month whereas you get total reliability support. During the entire streaming of UFC matches, you won’t face lags in any case.

2. Express VPN

Right after NordVPN, Express VPN is a well-trusted name in the VPN Industry. It’s available for almost every platform namely Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Its pricing plan starts from $6.67 per month which is definitely on the competitive side. Using NordVPN, you can effortlessly choose your wishful server and start streaming any sports game, anytime and anywhere.

3. SaferVPN

If you live in an area where geo-restriction is on the rise, you can use SaferVPN to watch almost any sports event. All you need is to get the SaferVPN subscription pack which costs $4.99 per month.

Well, the pricing is definitely on the cheaper side where you just need to select your preferred server. After which, wait for 10th of February and easily watch UFC 234 Online.

4. Private VPN

Last but not least, Private VPN is a cost-effective way to watch UFC 234 Online. Using a VPN, you can unlock even the stringent geo-restricted area easily.

The pricing of Private VPN is kept as $7.62 per month which is super affordable. You just need to choose your wishful server, tune in to the desired sports channel and watch the entire UFC match with ease and comfort.


As we are moving ahead in February, the UFC 234 match is inching closer. We have done the work, and all is left up to you.

Either paid or free option, you have the privilege to choose any service based on your personal preferences. Do proper research, select any streaming option and watch UFC 234 Online in a completely serene and peaceful manner.