‘EA Sports UFC 3’ News: Latest Patch Now Ready to Download, Adds Three New Fighters and Several Gameplay …

EA Sports UFC 3 official websiteNew gameplay-related features are included in the latest ‘EA Sports UFC 3’ patch

Post-launch support for “EA Sports UFC 3” has been strong and developers have just released yet another update for it.

The latest update is a meaty one too, as it contains different kinds of new features and a number of tweaks.

Beginning with the new features, three additional fighters can now be selected in the game.

The first of the three new fighters is Colby “Chaos” Covington, a welterweight contender who has been on a hot streak recently. The controversial Covington has tallied 13 wins against only one loss and he is expected to be on the shortlist of contenders for Tyron Woodley’s welterweight title.

Next up, players will also be able to select Gokhan “The Rebel” Saki inside the game. He is a bit new to the MMA game – he has only fought two times as a pro – but he does have an extensive background in kickboxing. Players who love to use strikers should be able to have fun taking control of Saki.

The last of the new fighters included in the latest update is Tom “Fire Kid” Duquesnoy. At 24-years-old, Duquesnoy has still got plenty of time to make an impact in the UFC, and he has already shown the potential to do exactly that.

Other roster changes include Jake Matthews and Yancy Medeiros now being listed as welterweights.

Several gameplay additions can now also be seen inside “EA Sports UFC 3.”

With the update installed, players will now be able to witness referee break interactions during Finish the Fight. A stamina penalty will also be imposed for health events, and there is a new backwards moving slip animation.

Over on Twitter, Geoff Harrower, the principal software engineer for the game, revealed that the patch should also make the one, two and three gate submissions easier to escape and vulnerability has also been increased on body knees and front/oblique leg kicks.

More news about other updates coming to “EA Sports UFC 3” should be made available in the future.

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