Cyborg will lose to Kunitskaya at UFC 222 | Predictions | Analysis | Facts.

We are all aware of Cris Cyborg’s fighting prowess. And she’s being favored over her opponent. The fight came as a replacement for the bout between Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar. We all know how she faced Holly Holm and successfully defended her title.


Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm | UFC 219| Highlights

But the cynics consider otherwise. That she’s done fighting for her fans and is pursuing her own agenda, now that she’s become a huge UFC star. There’s more to that. Although, she’s had only one loss in her career so far but this very well may be her second.

She was quick to pounce on her opponent then, Erica Paes. She unloaded a fury of pounding strikes but tapped out to a submission (a minute and 46 into the match). Now that’s tells a lot about the fighter’s level of perseverance.


Okay she was new at the time and was 19 years of age but she showed promise. Before being taken down into a submission hold she prevented it via her left elbow and thus, ruptured the shoulder in the process.


The bout scheduled for March, the 3rd is all about who’s the biggest baddie of the women’s featherweight division. The chances for Cyborg losing the fight are slim given her track record as she leaves a pile of destruction in her path. And it is not that we want her to lose either


However, the mat wrestling game of Yana Kunitskaya is sound and can prove to be a challenge for Cyborg. The opponent is also well versed in the art of jiu-jitsu.

Best moments of Kunitskaya’s MMA Career:

But Yana’s takedown defense is weak which can be exploited by Cris Cyborg which is if it comes to that, assuming Yana executes her mat wrestling prowess first.


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